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White barefoot trainers

I’m still mourning the loss of my white Converse since switching to barefoot shoes. Initially I thought that I could still get away with wearing them, that was, until I discovered the insole had an 8mm heel, and until I got used to wearing shoes with wide toe boxes and flexible soles.

I’m yet to track down a barefoot replacement and have found myself thinking a lot about all-white trainers recently. (It must be because this time of year is when my Converse would have been coming out of their hibernation).

Anyway, I thought I’d take a look to see what white barefoot trainers are around at the moment – and I’m glad to say there are a number of styles available…

Joe Nimble merryToes


These feel like a take on the classic Adidas Originals Stan Smith trainers, which are so versatile they even look great with a suit. Note that the merryToes are designed for a narrower foot than a lot of other Joe Nimble styles, so if you like a wider fit and toe box then these probably aren’t the best option for you from their range.

ANI Originals


About as minimalist as it gets. However, just in case all-white is a little too stark for your liking, they do also come with a bright splash of colour on the heel.

I find that the toe boxes of ANI Brand shoes come up quite narrow (look out for my first ANI Brand review in the next few weeks), so just do bear this in mind if you like your toe wiggle room.

Sole Runner Pure 2


For those that are a fan of the gummy sole these are a great spin on a classic white tennis trainer.

Vivobarefoot Primus Lux vs Primus Lite


Now I know the Primus Lux aren’t strictly white but I love the soft look of the leather on them, so couldn’t resist to include.

And as for the Primus Lite, they look amazing from the top and inner side but I just wish the logo wasn’t in such stark contrast to the rest of the shoe as it takes away from the minimalism of the style.


If you’re considering a pair of white trainers, it’s worth bearing in mind that there is a certain amount of upkeep needed to ensure they stay looking white. However, personally, I feel this is well worth the effort as they’re just so easy to wear and, of course, look amazing paired with denim.

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