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Three H&M minimalist shoe finds: part two

Three H&M minimalist shoe finds: part two


In addition to its range of colourful espadrilles, the H&M store in Lisbon also had two plimsol styles – these pictured with the four lace holes and another with three. I preferred the look of the four-lace style and also felt that the extra lace ensured they were properly attached to my foot (important to avoid having to grip the toes to hold them on).

There were a lot of colour ways available – black, white, canvas, grey, maroon as well as some patterns – I personally couldn’t resist the grey marl.


Three H&M minimalist shoe finds: part two

HEEL – (5/5) top marks again for H&M with another zero drop style

TOE – (3/5) very flexible throughout the whole sole but approx. 10mm thick. Taking out the 3mm insole certainly helps to get closer to the ground, and provides a more barefoot feel, but you’re then directly on the glue that’s remaining which doesn’t feel too nice so I personally decided to keep them in. I really like that these are designed so the sole looks thicker than it actually is – your foot sits lower inside than appears, so you get the look of a thicker sole when actually you’re closer to the ground (wish this was the case in more shoe styles).

Three H&M minimalist shoe finds: part two

UPPER – (4/5) the laces don’t do much to actually hold the shoe on so it certainly is a loose fit but I haven’t had any issues with toe gripping.

Detail images via hm.com

in conclusion

At only €9.99 these were a bargain and I’ve worn them a lot since (so definitely got my moneys worth). They’re great just to kick around in at the weekend and although the sole is thicker than I’d ideally like, they are surprisingly roomy with a completely flat heel and therefore come recommended from me at that price.

Last up are H&M’s deck shoes…

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