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Three H&M minimalist shoe finds: part three

Three H&M minimalist shoe finds: part three


Of the three H&M styles, the deck shoes are the most expensive at €15 but still a very reasonable price in my opinion. For all three it’s worth noting that you get what you pay for to some extent and I wouldn’t expect them to last much longer than one summer with a fair amount of wear (I usually get through at least two pairs of espadrilles in one season) although the pair of sandals I bought from H&M last summer are still going strong.

One other callout is that this has been a good example where it’s good not to take too much notice to the sizing across different brands, and even different styles from one brand, as I was a 38 in the H&M plimsols, a 39 in these and annoyingly between sizes in the H&M espadrilles this year – so I’m now on the look out for another cheap espadrille supply for the summer…

I’ve never actually owned a pair of deck shoes before and I couldn’t’ decide if I liked them or not in the past, however, these have really grown on me and I find they’re great paired with a white tee and black skinny jeans.

barefoot profile

Three H&M minimalist shoe finds: part three

HEEL – (4/5) very small positive heel of approx. 2mm

TOE – (3/5) although they appear very narrow, the soft upper doesn’t cause much restriction at all and my toes can move around pretty freely

Three H&M minimalist shoe finds: part three

SOLE – (3/5) a very similar level of feel to the ground as the other two styles, although they’re not quite as flexible as the plimsols.

UPPER – (4/5) non adjustable due to the slip on style but still a very good fit on me and therefore no toe gripping required.

Detail images via hm.com

and the winner is…

It’s a close one between the plimsols and deck shoes but I would have to go with the plimsols as they have a completely flat heel and the sole is slightly more flexible than the other styles.

I’m also a sucker for marl grey and I can’t help be annoyed that the designers decided to put a tiny little heel on the deck shoes.

As mentioned in part one of this mini series, I’m a big fan of many of the ‘official’ barefoot and minimalist shoe brands on the market but it is also nice to be able to find other options on the high street. Although maybe not so high in quality, they can provide a stylish option that doesn’t blow the budget or, importantly, do damage to your feet (and rest of your body).

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