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Scholl Pocket Ballerina: so wrong yet oh so right


When visiting Barcelona I knew that you have to keep your eye on your handbag but not on your shoes… Well I learnt that lesson when my mum’s sandals were stolen in Citadella park. Seriously, who does that?

Anyway, it led me to the discovery of the Scholl Pocket Ballerina, which we luckily found in a pharmacy just a few minutes walk away from the crime scene.

The Pocket Ballerina is part of Scholl’s Party Feet range (which are essentially different gel cushions you put in your high heels) “to stop that burning feeling in the balls of your feet”.

I’ve actually used these in the past myself (back before knowing anything of barefoot shoes) and didn’t consider then just how wrong it is that these exist because so many people wear shoes that are so uncomfortable they cause real pain.

So, in many ways, the Scholl Pocket Ballerina can be seen as so wrong – their strapline is “for when you just can’t stand to wear heels any more” – but they’re also pretty awesome because they are really minimal and a proper barefoot shoe in my opinion, although they are only designed for short-term use so wouldn’t last you long if you wore them full time.

However, if you’re like me and just can’t give up that one pair of heels for your go-to outfit for weddings then they are perfect for having in your handbag to replace the heels as soon as you can (see pic above).

A few tips if you’re planning on getting a pair:

  • For the most barefoot experience you should get the style that only have rubber on the heel and ball of the foot, not across the whole sole as otherwise they still have a 4mm heel rather than a zero drop
  • I found that they came up quite small so got a size 41/42 when I usually wear a 38/39 as otherwise felt that they were squidging my toes
  • As most of the sole is just a thin layer of fabric do watch out for any broken glass on the dancefloor…

In case you can’t get your hand on a pair (or they don’t have the right colour to match your outfit) then here’s a couple of other options to give a try:


Fit in Clouds

And if you do, let me know how it goes.

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