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Five German barefoot brands to have on your radar

While in Berlin a couple of weeks ago it occurred to me that Germany is quite the hub for barefoot shoes in Europe at the moment. I keep discovering new German barefoot brands and have already listed seven barefoot shoe stores on the map.

Therefore, I thought I’d better do a post of a few brands to have on your radar – just in case you happen to be there anytime soon. And, if not, well they do ship worldwide too.

Joe Nimble


Joe Nimble’s barefoot beginnings goes back more than 30 years and very much focuses on freedom for the toes. So, if you’re a fan of wide toe boxes this is definitely worth a look. Note that some styles are slighter narrower than others so do check the details before ordering.

Not all styles are to my taste but there is a really wide range, so don’t be put off if the first thing you see isn’t to your liking. I’m a fan of the wittyToes, fuseToes and flexToes (reviews to come on these soon).

Chala Sandals

Produced by the people behind barefoot shoe store Voycontigo, they decided to start making their own sandals when they couldn’t find a huarache supplier in Germany. All materials are sourced from Germany and are handmade in Freiburg. They also produce a DIY kit, which means you get the soles in your standard size and can tailor them to fit the exact shape of your foot.

I particularly like the range of bright colour options for the laces so you can add a bit of pop to your sandals.

High Feels


Launched in 2016 with their gorgeously chic High Feels sandals – and with an adjustable, unisex style planned for SS17 – I have the feeling this new German brand is one to watch.

I will certainly be living in my High Feels as soon as the weather permits.

Sole Runner

A newly discovered brand for me so I’m yet to try any myself (watch this space). Styles look as though they have a roomy toe box and zero drop heel and I especially like the look of the Transition to Desert boots and the white Sole Runner Pure with the gummy sole.

Wildling Shoes


Wilding are actually a children’s barefoot shoe brand, created by a mum and dad team who were unsatisfied with the children’s shoes on the market and decided set out to make their own. Their shoes look to influence the foot as little as possible – only providing protection from injury and the weather – and allowing for a full range of movement as possible.

Their Rewild styles do run in sizes EU 36 – 42, however, just in case any of them appeal to the child in you 🙂

And if you do happen to be in Germany anytime soon, it’s worth having a look at the barefoot shoe stores list to see if there are any nearby, as it’s such a treat to be able to buy shoes in person rather than online.

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  1. Thore
    June 01, 2017

    Whats about ZAQQ?

    • Emma Poppenborg
      June 06, 2017

      Ooh thank you I will check them out…!


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