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Five Christmas presents for barefooters

Has anyone asked you what you’d like for Christmas yet? Well, for when they do, here’s some ideas…

Whether you’re thinking about transitioning to barefoot shoes, in need of some pampering, fancy your hand at cobbling your own, or just feel like a new pair then there’s something here for you.

1. Barefoot Slippers


Soft Star Shoes Fireside Sheepskin Slippers, $120

Made from 100% short wool sheepskin and brushed suede soles, Soft Star Shoes’ new Fireside slippers are super light and flexible. Designed to adjust to the shape of your foot along with adjustable cuffs that can be rolled up or down below the ankles for customised cosiness.

However, they are certainly quite an investment for a pair of slippers, so it’s reassuring to know that the sheepskin innersoles are fully replaceable to last you through several winters.

(If you’re on the lookout for some new slippers this season remember that the same rules apply as with barefoot shoes. This means that ideally you’re looking for a pair with a flat heel, wide toe box, a thin, flexible sole and an upper that is well attached to the foot. And of course, they need to be cosy too)

2. DIY Moccasin Workshop


Rose Choules workshops, £85-£210

My husband is a big fan of ‘activity gifts’, which is great as there’s always so many things out there to get him. If you’re looking for a barefoot-themed activity gift, why not search for a local DIY moccasin workshop. Or go wild, and look for one that’s further afield and make a mini break of it.

If you’re UK based, I’ve been eyeing up Rose Choules’ workshops for a while. And what a lovely gift to come away with – having a handmade pair of moccs – on top of the gift of the workshop itself.

3. Foot Alignment Socks


Happy Feet, $19.95

Of all the socks you’ll ever receive for Christmas these will certainly win the prize for being the quirkiest. Designed to separate, stretch and align your toes, Happy Feet are a slightly comical(!) yet very practical present for anyone keen to help keep their feet mobile, flexible and pain free.

4. The Barefoot Bible


Whole Body Barefoot: Transitioning to Minimal Footwear, $12.95

A must-read for anyone interested in transitioning to barefoot shoes. Katy provides comprehensive and clearly explained advice (alongside over 20 exercises) on how to go about ditching those heels and improve the health of your feet and whole body.

5. Barefoot shoes

Buying shoes for someone else is quite brave in my opinion (although my husband managed it with my Kula Boots).

One option is to buy a gift voucher from a favourite barefoot shoe brand. Or, if you want an actual present to unwrap, I think you can’t go too wrong in terms of style with…


OTZ OG Boot, $160

Or, if you’re southern hemisphere based, or planning on heading on holiday for some winter sun…


High Feels, €129

If you’re just out to treat yourself, check out my barefoot shoe shopping tips.

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