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Barefoot Wedding Shoes

I would have loved to have been truly barefoot for our wedding, but, seeing as it was in October in the UK and involved a bit of a walk through Lewes town centre I decided barefoot shoes were probably a bit more practical.

My wedding shoes came custom made from The Drifter Leather, a small family run business based in Greece that specialises in classic shoe designs that are recreated with lightweight, flexible soles (and zero drops on request). All shoes come with the option of being custom made to your specific requirements at no extra cost, which is brilliant if you ever have problems with generic sizes.

Here’s my pick of three styles of theirs that I think make a great pair of minimalist wedding shoes (or barefoot shoes for bridesmaids).

Note that these are all made to order, available with a custom fit and can be crafted in a wide variety of colours and textures (in case you want to go for something other than ivory leather).

Leather and Lace Ballet Flats

Barefoot Wedding Shoes

These certainly have a princess / fairy tale feel to them, down to the slipper like fit and delicate lace.

Ivory Alert

Barefoot Wedding Shoes

I like the little handmade rose detail on these, can imagine it looks very cute poking out from under a long hem.

Ballet Flats

Barefoot Wedding Shoes
Images via thedrifterleather.com

These are The Drifter Leather’s classic ballet flats, and the design I picked for my own wedding shoes after being inspired by this pic on their Instagram profile.

I chose to switch out the red leather for the light ivory of the other styles and replace the leather laces with some delicate lace.

Here’s a pic of me actually in the shoes on the big day… (sorry I don’t seem to have anything closer up!)

Barefoot Wedding Shoes

A couple of things that are worth calling out on all three styles in terms of a barefoot point of view are that:

  • They come without any built in arch support, although unless specifically requested they do come with a 5mm heel cushion. Therefore, if you want a truly barefoot shoe make sure to ask for a zero drop when you order.
  • The sole is either entirely made of soft leather or with the addition of small Vibram parts on the ball of the foot and heel. I decided to add the Vibram as was worried about ruining them if it was wet underfoot (luckily it stayed dry for us though).

And here’s how they score:


Barefoot Wedding Shoes

HEEL 5/5 as I requested the zero drop.

TOE 3/5 I tend to find that the nature of the design of ballet flats mean that there’s never as much room for my toes as I’d like. Although these didn’t cramp my toes at all I was definitely aware at times that I couldn’t wiggle them (especially up and down) as much as I would like to.

Barefoot Wedding Shoes

SOLE 4/5 although made of soft leather (with the addition of a couple of small Vibram parts) they aren’t the most flexible of soles (although are still a million times better than most ballet flats on the market).

UPPER 5/5 just the small piece of lace does a great job of holding them on, which I think is a testament of the design which fits snugly under the ankle and around the heel.

Other options out there

A few other brands you might want to consider if you’re looking for barefoot wedding or bridesmaid shoes:

Scholl Pocket Ballerina

These are great if you’ve decided to go for heels but want a change of footwear once the after party starts. See my previous post about these for more detail (I wore these to three weddings last year and received a lot of envy on the dance floor).

Other than wearing these yourself, I’ve also seen them suggested as wedding favours for female guests or given to your bridesmaids to carry in their handbags if they decide to wear heels to the more formal part of the day.

Other brands that offer very similar foldable styles include:

  • Tieksalthough these do come with a much higher price tag
  • Rollasole – actually offer a wedding box of shoes that you can leave out as wedding favours to be used on the dance floor by your guests. These don’t come in any cream/ivory colours but are a nice option if you want to add a pop of colour or detail, especially if you do an outfit change for the evening. I’m actually loving the non-wedding designs (the skull prints are kind of amazing) – will have to check these out in more detail soon as I wonder how much room there is in the toe box…


Have their own wedding collection, which I think are especially cute for younger bridesmaids. The most barefoot of these are their classic espadrilles, which come in a few different styles of lace and colours.

Good luck if you are on the hunt for some wedding shoes and do let me know if you come across any others (and please send me a pic!)

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