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Barefoot shoe trend… Naturals

It’s not always easy to incorporate latest trends into your barefoot wardrobe but naturals are an easy one for this spring.

Here are a few personal favourites…


You can’t got wrong with natural tanned leather and cotton laces.


A wardrobe staple that goes just as well with a pair of washed out jeans as they do with a skater dress.

barefoot shoes the-rico-co-natural-sharm


These are great to slip on for a look of casual effortlessness, whether you’re heading to the park or shopping around town.


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Comments (2)

  1. Rachel
    June 20, 2016

    I just found your blog and think it’s awesome! I’ve been wearing barefoot shoes exclusively for five years since I got my first Nike Frees. There was no turning back and gradually I’ve replaced every shoe style I have with a barefoot/minimalist option. I’m so pleased that these days there are more and more stylish options and blogs like this that focus not only on the running properties of barefoot shoes but also the style.

    The real question was about the Vivobarefoot Mata you have mentioned here. If you own them, would you care to answer some questions? How do you find the sizing compared to other Vivobarefoot shoes (if you own any) – do you think they would stay on your feet even if there’s extra room in the front? Do you find them breathable and good for warm summer weather worn barefoot, or more a spring-time shoe?

    • Emma Thornton
      June 20, 2016

      Hi Rachel

      Thanks for the comment and so glad you enjoy the blog. I’m actually writing a full post about the Vivobarefoot Mata at the moment (hope to have it up in a week or so) but certainly happy to answer any questions you have on them in the meantime…

      Sizing – I usually wear a EU 39 / UK 6 in Vivobarefoot (this goes for my Gobi Hi Tops, Stealth and Kula boots), however, I found that I needed to go down a size to a EU 38 / UK 5 in the Mata as they were slipping off my heels otherwise. I often find that the sizing for slip ons can be tricky (because there’s not as much material to hold them on) as if you want enough room in the toes then they tend to slip off the heels. I’ve been really impressed with these in that although they are a loose fit they stay on well.

      Breathability – I’ve been wearing them without socks for the last 6 weeks or so and haven’t had any problems with sweaty feet (so far!) they’re also not at all smelly. I’m not sure if that will still be the case mid-August (seeing as we haven’t had much of a summer so far) but I have high hopes that it won’t be a problem, although I do seem them as more of a Spring shoe then full summer one (but maybe that’s just because I like the breeze on my toes as soon as it’s warm enough :))

      Hope that’s helpful, let me know if you have any other questions on them – I’ve also remembered that they’re actually on sale at the moment so now could be a good time to buy 🙂


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